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But if you want something controversial. look at the one on the economics of sex offenders.

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As a new user, you can get started with Bitcoin without understanding the technical details.Also lastly, i am more then curious to learn about it in a unconventional and using a lateral method.By SocialUnderground. it may be time to swap your music playlist with one of these educational finance podcasts: Freakonomics Radio.

I want to know about the effects of unregulated currency and if its a good or bad idea to promote it.How Stuff Works is the ultimate how-to guide on everything from the paleo diet to bitcoin. Freakonomics Radio.This is not a place for people to just link of their podcasts.I would see two primary reasons for doing a podcast on Bitcoin.


Podcasts provide an opportunity to extend education beyond the classroom and will.Control the growth in the money supply to closely approximate the growth in the economy.Freakonomics: Everything you always wanted to know about money.Here at the Bitcoin Podcast, we are a weekly long form conversation.Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are issued and.

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Sure you can invest in other currencies but they are controlled by some other central bank (sames guys, different language).Last week, I started writing about Podcasts:. and The Best Podcasts To Listen To In 2015:.

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Discover and listen to the biggest podcasts in the world at bitcoins, income and money similar to EconTalk and Freakonomics.

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I might be a few days late for Halloween, but I finally got the chance to listen to the latest Freakonomics podcast:.

Also, if people are mailing u often to do a podcast about it, it is evident that there is a broad curiosity amongst the econ peeps.In an episode of the Freakonomics radio. (PODCAST) Econ Talk (PODCAST).

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Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Economic Rockstar by Frank Conway - Economics and Finance Lecturer - interviews Jason Stapleton, Naomi.Marketplace radio announced the creation of a Freakonomics podcast hosted by Dubner and Levitt.

Please make self posts about your podcast that has actual context and substance, this is a community, not a marketing subreddit.Also, often people like Paul Krugman are talking about it loud mouthedly.For general feedback, you can post your links in the weekly stickied thread stickied at the top of the main page.After being bombarded by email requests for months, Freakonomics Radio has finally caved and made an episode about Bitcoin.For example the broad area of Freakonomics was a genesis of information for me from where i learnt to think from the other side of perspective and to increase the projection of thoughts in the mind.If you are an app developer, marketer, or other non-podcaster who wants feedback from podcast creators or listeners, please message the mods before posting to see if your post would be appropriate here.

Thinking of Bitcoin as just a. is involved with the Freakonomics podcast almost.Posting links to your podcast for promotion only will be removed immediately by the automod or by a moderator.Because cash is a democracy issue and they give great insight on this.If you did a podcast I would want to know more about other currencies similar to bitcoin in the past, or why this particular currency has some remarkable element to it that will alter our economic behavior.Arguments could be made about them being a security, currency, or a commodity.After being bombarded by email requests for months, Freakonomics Radio has.

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Being a popular topic for discussion in certain circles now, it would allow for increased Freakonomics brand awareness.

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Not as in what are you talking about, but what do they classify as.

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Whether this is the actual tender of the future or not, paper money will be,obsolete regardless (or will it).Freakonomics Podcast: Ten Signs You Might Be a Libertarian ( past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of Freakonomics Radio by.